Paving the way for entrepreneurs to start up a business
using solar for the agri-fishery market
What is the Switch to Solar Incubation Program?
A one-year program to support entrepreneurs launch and grow their startup business.

The program provides:
  • Seed Investment Grant
  • 6-weekend Bootcamps
  • Fortnightly Coaching and Mentoring
  • Pitch Preparation
  • Investor Introductions
  • Access to Co-working Space
      How Does It Work?
      The program covers 3 phases over the year:
      support you to build and launch a minimum viable product and secure your early adopters
      support you to begin selling your product, manage finances, organisation
      support you to strengthen your operational financial capacity to grow
      What is Included?
      Dedicated Khmer and English mentors to keep your team on track to success and co-design your business model
      Market linkage and networking
      Connect to experts and businesses working in solar, agriculture and fishery sectors
      Financial support and investors
      Grant to prototype your product and launch your business. Training and support to access investment
      Business training to develop entrepreneur skills
      Team creation
      Help to find other team members if you have an idea but looking for other skills and expertise
      Co-designing your business
      Assistance to codesign your business concept using pool of experts & using market knowledge
      Multi-year program
      Learn from other cohorts and apply when you're ready during the 4 year program
      Support from advisory board and a pool of mentors after 12 months incubation
      Highlights of the Impact
      Startups graduated from the program
      New technology solution designed and adopted by STPs
      Startups with new business model established
      Units of Solar technology were sold during the program
      Green job created by Startups graduates
      Startups received grants from Khmer Enterprise
      Partnering with Khmer Enterprise
      Through our partnership with Khmer Enterprise, startups have accessed to 'Seed Investment Grant' worth USD 7.5k per startup to support costs with prototyping, marketing, reaching customers and other expenses.
      Other Aspects of Khmer Enterprise Partnership
      Successful startups from Incubation Program pitch to Khmer Enterprise for scale-up investment
      Access to network of mentors, ecosystem, startups collaboration
      Access for to Khmer Enterprise co-working space
      Meet Our Mentors
      • Ian Jones
        CEO, Mekong Inclusive Venture
        Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Impact ventures

      • Vansonita Men
        Senior Consultant & Project Manager, Sevea
        Business development, SMEs, Energy, WASH, and Agriculture sectors
      • Boleap Born
        Senior Project Coordinator/Business Advisor, Sevea
        Startup business development, Agriculture and clean energy
      • Khim Bun
        Project Manager, Agile Development Group
        social enterprise, design thinking, development

      • Buntong Borarin
        Director of Research and Extension
        Royal University of Agriculture
        Agriculture post-harvest
      • Thida Kheav
        Director, Solar Green Energy Cambodia
        Solar, Water pumps, Component manufacturing, Sales
      What Startups Say about the Program
      • Mr. Keat Savry
        Founder of Elephant Pump (EP)
        Participating in the Incubation program was exciting for young entrepreneur like Elephant Pump. I was able to strengthen my knowledge in developing a business plan. I met many new networks in the program. Additionally, my sales and marketing strategies has progressively developed thank to skillsets and tools provided in the program.
      • Mr. Son Thearavy
        Founder of Solar Aerator Cambodia (SAC)
        Despite facing many obstacles, my team managed to complete the prototype and grow the brand visibility throughout the program. I did not expect SAC to come this far. I am grateful to all mentors for their insightful guidance. I gained and improved my soft skills a lot with this program including confidence, communication, and time management as well as the hard skills such as business stakeholder and customer mapping and analysis.
      Cohort 01: Startup Teams
      Cohort 2: Startup Teams
      Supporting your entrepreneur journey from early ideas, validation, prototyping, first customers and growth.
      You are interested in agri-fishery market and want to explore ideas and meet others with similar interests.

      The weekend hackathon process helps you form a team, explore the problems and ideate a business solution.
      You have a team or business idea that uses solar for the agri-fishery market, but you want to check if the concept is valid.

      The 6-week business validation process helps you develop your prototype concept and explore the business fundamentals to decide if it's GO/NO GO
      You have a team with a valid business concept or prototype and you want guidance and support to succeed.

      The 1-year incubation program gives you solar assistance, business training, coaching/mentoring and funding to help you reach your customers with the best product and business model to succeed.
      A program supports an established business using solar technology as the core product value in the agri-fishery markets and would like to scale up.

      The 6-month acceleration program supports startups or established businesses in the agriculture and/or fishery sector using solar technology to become investment ready with investment-readiness training, technical mentorship, and meetings with potential funders, investors, and MFIs.
      Feel free to contact us. We really love to communicate with you or send us your business concept whenever you are ready and we can help you to build your application.
      Ms. Chin Sonita
      Program Manager
      Phone: ‭+855 70 894 486
      E-mail: [email protected]
      This SWITCH to Solar Startup Program is part of the SWITCH to Solar project, funded by the European Union (EU) through the SWITCH-Asia Programme and the Czech Republic through the Czech Development Agency (CzDA).
      Khmer Enterprise provides seed investment grants in this Incubation Program under KE mandate to support the agriculture sector and use of solar.