Clean Energy Awards
The Clean Energy Award recognises individuals and organizations that have contributed significantly to Cambodia's transition toward Clean Energy development and progress. The award will be distributed across two separate categories.

The Clean Energy Champion Award is awarded to an individual who has done exceptionally well in advancing Clean Energy in Cambodia. The Clean Energy Outstanding Company Award is awarded to an organization that has demonstrated great commitment and taken action to accelerate Clean Energy in Cambodia.

EnergyLab is proud to host the Clean Energy Award annually during Clean Energy Week. Stay Tune for 2023 Clean Energy Award!
Clean Energy Week
Clean Energy Week is an annual celebration of the diverse opportunities that Clean Energy brings to Cambodia. Every year, we provide a unique platform and large outreach to all the Clean Energy champions, advocates and supporters Cambodia has to offer, engaging over 50 partners in the Clean Energy ecosystem from both the private and public sectors as well as hundreds of thousands of participants from the general public.
During the Launching of Clean Energy Week at the Australian Ambassador's Residence, SOGE and Ms. Much Pheakdey (AMK) were announced as the recipients of the Clean Energy Awards 2022. We would like to express our gratitude to Templation and Eleven One Kitchen, who sponsored the 2022 Clean Energy Award prize.