About Us
Get to Know EnergyLab Cambodia
Who We Are
Founded in 2018, EnergyLab Cambodia is an innovative and efficient not-for-profit organisation working to support the growth of Clean Energy. Since our establishment, we have been recognised by our partners as independent, insightful and resourceful, with a transparent agenda to support Clean Energy.
Our Vision
Behind EnergyLab Cambodia is a global vision of a world powered by Clean Energy.
We work to support the growth of Clean Energy.
Our Mission
Meet Our Team
  • Bridget McIntosh
    Chair of Board
  • Natharoun Ngo Son
    Country Director
  • Michael Renfrew
    Operations and Program Lead
  • Dean Rizzetti
    Energy Policy Director
  • Samdybormey Rith
    Finance and Operations Manager
  • Sokphalkun Out
    Engagement Program Manager
  • Vipheavy Nhean
    Communications and Outreach Manager
  • Mardy Hout
    Clean Energy Policy Manager
  • Dane Ros
    Startup Program Coordinator
  • Pichchanseyla Vorn
    Program Coordinator
  • Samnangthavin Houng
    Finance & Admin Coordinator
  • Sreyleak Phon
    Program Officer
  • Dalis Sar
    Project Officer - Entrepreneurship
  • Phearun Chhoeurm
    Monitoring & Evaluation Officer
  • Molysa Chhun
    Finance & Admin Officer
  • Graeme Brown
    Program Development Mentor
  • Soksreynouch Ngoun
    Finance and Admin Intern
  • Chino Hok
    Program Office Intern
We are growing and looking for talented individuals passionate about Clean Energy to join our amazing team!
Our Donors
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Anti Corruption Policy
EnergyLab Cambodia requires that in all aspects of our business that our team act honestly, adhere to the highest ethical standards, and act in compliance with all relevant legal requirements. In this respect everyone who works with EnergyLab in either a paid or voluntary capacity must not engage in bribery or any other form of corruption. The prohibition of bribery under this policy includes the provision or conveying of anything of value to any third party, official or family members of officials, whether directly or indirectly, to secure any improper advantage or to obtain or retain business.