Just Energy Transition
The Just Energy Transition (JET) is an approach to clean energy adoption that seeks to address the challenges of transitioning from fossil fuel-based energy systems in a way that promotes social equity and justice.
With the support from Oxfam, EnergyLab organised an event with youth on the topic of importance of clean energy in Cambodia and potential youth's roles in supporting transition forward.
While the transition to cleaner energy is crucial for mitigating climate change and reducing greenhouse gas emissions, it can also have significant economic and social implications. It hereby seeks to support vulnerable communities, including indigenous populations and people with disabilities, with respect to clean energy access and affordability.

JET acknowledges that climate change action and economic development can go hand in hand, provided that a deliberate effort is made to ensure inclusivity, fairness, and consideration for those most affected by the transition. By pursuing a just energy transition, Cambodia can address the urgent need to mitigate climate change while building a more equitable and sustainable future for all.
EnergyLab works to support Cambodia's JET through coordination and support for emerging international, regional, and domestic initiatives.

Our goal is to ensure effective implementation within the space, through the determination, promotion, and alignment of JET principles to Cambodia's national power development strategy. We actively identify and engage with key stakeholders towards this goal.