Skills for Clean Energy Sector
As Cambodia continues on its Clean Energy Transition, there is a need to understand the skills and training requirements to support the development of clean energy technologies and industries in the kingdom.
- Today's question is therefore, what skills are required for Cambodia's clean energy sectors?
To begin answering this question the Liechtenstein Development Service, in partnership with SEVEA Consulting, have undertaken a skills assessment examining feedback from the private sector on existing skill gaps and challenges in the clean energy labor market. They find that, at this time, there is a need to support the development of formal training programs to meet current and future local labor demands.
Accordingly, EnergyLab is working to support the development of skill-development programs in crucial clean energy markets in Cambodia, exploring the support requirements around: curriculum development, private sector linkage, and training approaches.

By equipping individuals with the knowledge and expertise needed for clean energy technologies, societies can create a more sustainable, competitive, and resilient energy future.
Our Partners
  • Liechtenstein Development Service
  • SEVEA Consulting