Clean Energy
Hackathon Cambodia
Hack solutions to clean energy challenges and earn opportunities to be mentored by EnergyLab experts in a 7 weeks period!
Clean Energy Hackathon
Get ready to bring your skills and smarts to hack solutions towards a cleaner, smarter, cheaper energy future.

Bringing together talent from inside and outside the energy industry for real world problem solving with the objective to implement cleaner
energy technology or usage!

Hack away!
Develop your solutions though a startup, project implementation, technology or policy where you can see your greater societal impacts in clean energy!
Why a hackathon?
Hack (creative problem solving) athon (marathon)

It's a dedicated weekend to put aside distractions and work in a team to hack solutions: motivated with prizes, deadlines and unlimited refreshments. We've got challenges help keep focus and expert mentors to help you stay on track.

Hackathons are an efficient, low risk, low cost way to encourage innovation, catalyse startups and engage talent in the clean energy sector.
The Challenges
Energy is used in 3 different areas, cooking, electricity and transportation. However in Cambodia, clean energy in these areas are rarely adopted. Most of the energy use in these are hydropower and coal in electricity use, wood and LPG in cooking and fossil fuel for transportation.

How might we design an innovative project, policy, technology or startup solution that integrates clean energy to help create access to reliable, affordable and sustainable energy services?

Energy Efficiency
How might we enable factories or industries to improve their business operations?
How might we enable cleaner transport to be widely adopted in Cambodia?
Energy Mix
How might we shape and direct Cambodia's future energy mix to be cleaner and cheaper?
Household Cooking
How might we enable more households to improve their cooking situation?
Meet our Hackathon Mentors
  • Borey Chum
    CEO, Luma Systems
    Entrepreneurship, smart cities, sensors and monitoring
  • Antoine Denizart
    Senior Program Manager, EnergyLab Asia
    solar and renewable energy business development

  • Anna Cain
    Clean Energy Advocate, EnergyLab Asia
    clean energy, consulting
  • Susanne Bodach
    Managing Director/Principal, BEE Incorporations
    Sustainable Development, Green Growth, Renewable Energy, Energy Efficiency, Green Buildings
  • Chin Ol
    Senior Sales Engineer, EcoSun Cambodia
    Solar Energy, Solar Water Pump, Renewable technology, On & off grid system
  • Chanvibol MENG
    Carbon Project Manager, Nexus
    Sustainable energy development, Environmental development of water engineering, Carbon credit development
  • Guillaume Monceaux
    Energy Project Officer, AFD - Agence Française de Développement
    Energy Specialist. Financial analyst. Green Development Committed
  • Michael Renfrew
    Cambodia Outlook (Manager), Future Forum Cambodia
    Policy, Research, Economic development, Trade theory, Equitable growth
Hackathon Schedules
25th March 2020
Hackathon Briefing
8:30 - 11:50 AM
You will learn about clean energy challenges and get inspired by different solutions that have been created in Cambodia and around the world. You will be asked to brainstorm your solution that integrate clean energy into your ideas. Our mentors will help you shape your ideas that foster your passion and talent. In addition, you will gain understanding on how to participate in real world problem solving.
28th March 2020
7:00 AM - 5:00 PM
With your top solutions, you will work in your group to develop your prototypes where you will get initial feedback from our mentors who are specialized in clean energy, renewable energy, policy, financing, carbon credit, startup mentors. You will spend the whole day to work on your idea and get constant supports from mentors and faciliators.
29th March 2020
8:00 AM - 3:45 PM
You will be asked to do mock pitch to mentors where they will give their initial constructive feedback to help your pitching skills sharper. With their feedback, you will be able to present your ideas to judges with knowledge and confidence. By afternoon, you will do final pitch to judges and your senior students. Your solution will have the opportunity to be selected and move to next step.
30th March - 18 April 2020
Next Step
Up to 3 winning teams will be selected and move forward to explore your ideas and be mentored by EnergyLab experts. You will have the opportunity to implement your projects/startups, where you can test their ideas or develop a prototypes in a 7 week period as part of the exploration.
Thanks to the support of our funder
California Clean Energy Fund (CalCEF)
In Partnership With
The Organiser
California Clean Energy Fund (CalCEF)
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