Solar PV
As a Clean Energy source, Solar PV has gained popularity in recent years due to its ability to combat climate change while benefiting from falling operational and manufacturing costs.

Cambodia's advantageous geography increases the opportunity to benefit from solar PV. Both for improving energy access and security, and also for enhancing economic competitiveness for the society as a whole.

EnergyLab is working to support the sector to grow its understanding of the market via different mediums including capacity-building workshops and events to promote and raise awareness on the importance and the development of clean energy in Cambodia.

Cambodia has a high potential of untapped solar energy. This policy brief provides a case study for Cambodia: how solar could satisfy future load growth with reliable and affordable electricity without compromising on the resilience, reliability and affordability of electricity supply.

This brief evaluates the economic impacts of adding higher levels of Solar PV into Cambodia's generation supply mix, considering its characteristics relative to existing and planned technologies. It presents an economic modelling that accounts for an extensive range of factors, such as power systems integration, macro-economic growth impact, contributions towards energy security and optimization of existing assets, environmental externalities, and social impact, including affordability, job creation and income distribution.
In 2023, Cambodia launched updated RTS regulations with the new 'Principles for Permitting the Use of Rooftop Solar'.
EnergyLab in partnership with Oxfam delivering a panel discussion on "Understanding Cambodia's Commitment toward Clean Energy Transition."

Dialogue on Opportunities and Possible Evolution of Rooftop Solar in Cambodia joined by UNDP, Sevea, EMC, and Comin Khmere.