EnergyLab Cambodia
Accelerating Clean Energy in Cambodia
Our Vision
Behind EnergyLab Cambodia is a global vision of a world powered by Clean Energy.
Our Mission
We work to support the growth of Clean Energy.

Growing the Clean Energy Ecosystem

  • We initiate and/or guide Clean Energy policies, instruments, and regulations to stimulate RE demands.
  • We facilitate collaboration between key actors interested to support, fund and grow the Clean Energy space and we shadow them on demand.
  • We nurture Clean Energy startups and entrepreneurs, along with next-gen Clean Energy professionals.

Clean Energy Knowledge and Advocacy

  • We raise awareness and develop knowledge related to global, regional and local progress in Clean Energy.
  • Evidence-based advocacy is targeted to policy-makers, diplomats, development partners, think tanks, universities, businesses and influencers mostly in Cambodia but also regionally.
Activities and Updates
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Quick Glance Of Our Programs
Clean Energy Week
Clean Energy Week is an annual celebration of the diverse opportunities that Clean Energy brings to Cambodia. Since 2018, we have organized five successful Clean Energy Weeks, offering a unique platform and large outreach to all the Clean Energy champions, advocates and supporters Cambodia has to offer!

Clean Energy Week 2023 was held from November 16-23 and featured 25 events focusing on various topics within Cambodia's clean energy transition. Over 200 stakeholders across Cambodia's clean energy landscape - including government, development partners, non-governmental organizations, civil society, and private sector entities - together to celebrate the progress made to date in Cambodia's clean energy transition and mark the launch of another impactful Clean Energy Week program of events.
Clean Energy Fellowship
Clean Energy Fellowship is a six-month program designed to train early-career and mid-career professionals across different sectors to be active and knowledgeable clean energy ambassadors for Cambodia.The project aims to foster an understanding of clean energy through learning and expansion of knowledge. Participants will have the opportunity to network with professionals and groups dedicated to driving positive change in the clean energy sector.
SWITCH to Solar Startup
We love innovators, startups and entrepreneurship. EnergyLab runs a range of programs to help clean technology entrepreneurs develop, launch and grow new energy businesses. With Switch to Solar, we focus on strengthening the capacity of local solar technology startups/entrepreneurs by providing tailored business mentoring solutions to solidify business models and go to market technology solutions.
Electric Mobility Showcase
The Electric Mobility Showcase is the first of its kind, an annual open and interactive exhibition where you get to know firsthand and test-drive the latest electric vehicles brands. You experience, you feel and you also learn from expert talks and unique insights on the prospects, challenges, and future of electric mobility in Cambodia.
Internship Opportunities with Clean Energy Companies
The Clean Energy Internship program connects Cambodian university or vocational students to internship opportunities at various Clean Energy leading companies based in Cambodia. We mentor students to be work ready and efficient. To date we have supported over 42 students to have a unique professional experience.