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EnergyLab is working to create a
clean energy future for Cambodia
Based in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, EnergyLab works to support the growth of the clean energy market, with a particular focus on innovation, startups and enrepreneurship. EnergyLab runs a range of programs to help entrepreneurs develop, launch and grow new energy businesses in the region. Whether they be local or international, EnergyLab Asia assists by providing coworking space, ideation and opportunity analysis, support programs and investor introductions. Inspired by and in partnership with EnergyLab Australia's world-leading initiative, EnergyLab can offer you a unique set of resources and skills to help propel success.
How we support clean energy innovation
EnergyLab Asia works to connect and create a clean energy ecosystem of businesses, industry, investors, entrepreneurs and research institutes through a range of programs, partnerships and events. We are a landing pad for clean energy entrepreneurs wanting to explore the challenges and opportunities presented by Asian energy markets.
EnergyLab Asia offers a range of programs to assist entrepreneurs develop ideas that meet real market needs. Our programs cover the full spectrum - from student engagement, ideation, refinement, business model validation, incubation right through to scale and investment. We make the most of local and international resources and our partnerships.
Every new energy business needs a raft of resources to help them scale and succeed. EnergyLab Asia provides a range of resources from investor introductions to mentors and local market landing pads. Our resources support founders at the beginning of their entrepreneurial journey right through to scaling and maximising the impact of their businesses. If your business needs it, we're here to help make it possible.
How we support cleantech startups
Whether you need advice, funding, somewhere to work, or all of the above, we're here to help
A program for university and vocational students to gain experience working at clean energy companies in Cambodia
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Springboard Program
You have a great idea for a clean energy startup and now all you have to do is execute, but where to start? Our one day intensive Springboard program will help you refine your business idea and develop a roadmap to success.
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Coworking Space
Sitting alongside other clean energy entrepreneurs makes sharing experiences and resources natural. EnergyLab Asia's coworking spaces are perfectly setup to help connect and facilitate early stage clean energy companies.
Developing a clean energy startup can be lonely work but EnergyLab Asia's Incubation Program supports and resources entrepreneurs on their journeys. Our Incubation Program includes access to coworking space, industry and expert mentors, custom training and coaching and preferred introductions to investors and prospective partners.
"As it takes a village to raise a child, it takes a vibrant community to grow a company"
Brian Ho, CEO of Ballast Energy
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