Hack innovative business concepts using solar
to add value to the agri-fishery market

Challenge Workshop: 7 August 2021
Hackathon: 14-15 August 2021
What is Hackathon?
Hack (creative problem solving) athon (marathon)

Our Hackathon is a dedicated weekend to help you and like minded people come up with a business concept using solar technologies to add value to the agri-fishery market in Cambodia.

It is a chance to put aside distractions, work in a team to hack solutions: motivated with prizes, deadlines and food to fuel you and expert mentors to help you stay on track.

If you're alone, we help you find a great team!

The Challenge
How might we develop a business model that use solar to add value to the agri-fishery market in Cambodia?

First Prize
to use towards your startup idea
Guaranteed entry to Pre-Incubation, access to co-working space and mentors
Second Prize
to use towards your startup idea
Guaranteed entry to Pre-Incubation, access to co-working space and mentors
Who Should Participate?

Are you:
  • a problem solver, ambitious, open minded, a fast learner, collaborative, adaptable, hard working and willing to take risks
  • entrepreneurial or have always wanted to start something
  • experienced in business, marketing, sales, consulting, finance, and investment
  • experienced in the food value chain, such as farming, post harvest, food production, food safety
  • keen to build something - either hardware or software
If some (not all!) of this applies to you - join us!

You don't need to have solar experience - we will help you connect with this.
Meet Our Judges
Ratana Pich
Program Manager
Ian Jones
Mekong Inclusive Ventures
Ratana Kep
Project Manager
People in Need
Sebastien Pitot
Clean Energy Manager
Judging Criteria
We are looking to reward the team with the most potential to go on and develop a startup business.
Project Eligibility (25%)
Applicability: does the team pitch a business concept that solve a challenge in agri-fishery sector (i.e. production, post harvest or end consumer food products)?

Solar: does the team integrate solar application in their service or product?


Problem: do they really understand the problems and agriculture market?

does their concept address the problems?

Value preposition: what makes their business models different from their competitors?
Business case

Feasibility: how realistic and feasible is this business concept?

Scalability: can their business model scale up?

Capacity and commitment: does the team have the capacity and commitment to move forward and participate in the Incubation Program?

does the team possess characteristic of adaptability, learning curve, entrepreneurial thinking?

Applications are now open!

To attend the Hackathon, you must attend the Challenge Workshop on 7 August at Factory Phnom Penh

Stay tuned for registrations, rules, more challenges,
terms & conditions
How To Enter

1. Submit the application form

2. Check your email for further information and participation acceptance (by 5 August)

3. Attend the Hackathon on 14-15 August

4. Find a team and start hacking!

Hackathon Timeline
Applications opened
8 July 2021
Applications closed
5 August 2021
Challenge Workshop
7 August 2021

Briefing of challenges and opportunities. Help find team members, explore the problem with the mentors and your team.
Your team MUST attend to enter the Hackathon!
Hackathon Weekend
14-15 August 2021

Hackathon Day 1

8AM: Breakfast and briefing
4PM: Pitch concept to mentors for advice and feedback, and to keep you on track

Hackathon Day 2
Hacking continues - Opportunity for mentor support and pitch practice

1PM: Hacking ends
2PM - 3:30PM: Pitches!
4:30PM: Winner announcement and party!
Meet Our Mentors
Buntong Borarin
Director of Research and Extension
Royal University of Agriculture
Agriculture post-harvest
Ian Jones
entrepreneurship, innovation, impact ventures

Thida Kheav
Director, Solar Green Energy Cambodia
solar, water pumps, component manufacturing, sales
Phanith Chou
Program Manager, Sevea
biodiversity conservation, ecosystem services valuation, rural enterprise
Sebastien Pitot
Solar Energy Specialist, SEVEA
solar and renewable energy business development

Vansonita Men
Senior Consultant & Project Manager, Sevea
business development, of SMEs, Energy, WASH, and agriculture sectors
Supporting your entrepreneur journey from early ideas, validation, prototyping, first customers and growth.
This SWITCH to Solar Startup Program is part of the SWITCH to Solar project, funded by the European Union (EU) through the SWITCH-Asia Programme and the Czech Republic through the Czech Development Agency (CzDA).
Khmer Enterprise provides seed investment grants in this Incubation Program under KE mandate to support the agriculture sector and use of solar.