Supporting cleanpreneur to validate their
clean energy, agriculture and fishery business concept
What is our Pre-Incubation Program?
A 6-week program to help your team validate your clean energy business concept for the agriculture and fishery sector.

The program includes a weekend trainning and five half day sessions to help you and your team evaluate and validate your business model and develop a prototype concept.

We will provide business and technical assistance with mentors and advisors.
Why Pre-Incubation?
Coaching and Mentoring
Weekend Workshops to help you and your team explore and validate your idea
Access to clean energy, agriculture and fisheries technical expertise
Supporting application process to enter Incubation
Who can participate?
  • Do you have a business idea

  • Can you commit to a 6-week program?

  • Are you willing to learn and change your business idea if your existing one is proven not working?

If your answer is yes to any of the questions, you can apply to our Clean Energy and AgriFishery Pre-incubation Program
Eligibility and Requirements
  • One of the team members must be Cambodian national.

  • You MUST have a clean energy business concept to solve agriculture/fisheries issue.

  • You are committed to join a six-week training program to validate your business concepts.

  • If you are alone, we can help you find expertise/team members. You need to show good potential to develop your business concept in 6 weeks.

  • If you want to support an entrepreneur or a team we can help you find a team if you have matching skills and expertise.
    Pre-Incubation Timeline
    Application open
    20th August 2020
    Application close
    3rd October 2020
    Successful candidates announced
    7th October 2020
    Introduction Workshop
    Introduction workshop: 17th October 1.30-5pm
    Bootcamp: 24 &25th October 2020
    Workshops, Coaching and Mentoring: 31 October, 7 & 14th November 2020:
    Final Workshop and Presentation: 21st November 2020
    Clean Energy and AgriFishery Incubation Program
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    If you are interested in clean energy, agriculture or fisheries and want to explore ideas and meet others.

    The weekend Hackathon process helps you form a team, explore the problems and ideate a business solution


    If you have a business idea with your team, but you are not sure if the concept is valid.

    The 6-week Pre-Incubation business validation process helps you develop your prototype concept and explore the business fundamentals to decide if it's GO/noGO!


    If you have a valid business concept, a prototype and you want help to succeed.

    The 1 year incubation program gives you technical assistance, business training, coaching/mentoring and funding to help you reach your customers with the best product and business model to succeed.

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