Helping you ideate innovative clean energy solutions to solve agriculture/fisheries issues
What is our Hackathon?
Our Hackathon is a dedicated weekend to help you and like minded people come up with a clean energy business concept for the agri-fishery sector.

It's a chance to put aside distractions, work in a team to hack solutions: motivated with prizes, deadlines and unlimited refreshments.

We've got challenges to help keep your focus and expert mentors to help you stay on track.

If you're alone, we help you find a great team!
Who should participate?
  • Are you interested in startups and entrepreneurship

  • Are you interested in clean energy, agriculture, fishery and business?

  • Are you a professional or a fresh graduate and looking to give back?
If your answer is yes to any of the questions, you are more than ready to join Hacakthon.
  • Applications open to everyone interested and wanting to help agriculture and fishery sectory with clean energy.
Application open
Aug 20, 2020
Application close
Sep 20, 2020
Challenge Workshop
September 26th, 2020
Briefing of agriculture and fishery sector energy challenges. Help to find your team members, explore the problem with the mentors and your team.
Your team MUST attend to enter the Hackathon.
Hackathon Weekend
Oct 3-4, 2020
Hackathon Day 1
Breakfast and Briefing: 8am
4pm: Pitch concept to mentors for advice and feedback, and to keep you on track

Hackathon Day 2
Hacking continues - opportunity for mentor support and pitch practice
Hacking ends: Oct 4th: 1pm
Pitches! 2-3.30pm

Winner announcement and Party: 4.30 pm
Clean Energy and AgriFishery Incubation Program
Click on the images to learn more about Pre-Incubation and Incubation

If you are interested in clean energy, agriculture or fisheries and want to explore ideas and meet others.

The weekend Hackathon process helps you form a team, explore the problems and ideate a business solution


If you have a business idea with your team, but you are not sure if the concept is valid.

The 6-week Pre-Incubation business validation process helps you develop your prototype concept and explore the business fundamentals to decide if it's GO/noGO!


If you have a valid business concept, a prototype and you want help to succeed.

The 1 year incubation program gives you technical assistance, business training, coaching/mentoring and funding to help you reach your customers with the best product and business model to succeed.

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