Supporting cleanpreneur launch business to support Agri-fishery sector
What is Clean Energy and AgriFishery Incubation?
A one-year program in addition to Clean Energy & AgriFishery Hackathon and Clean Energy & AgriFishery Pre-Incubation to help cleanpreneur to ideate clean energy solutions to tackle agriculture and fishery issues to promote economic growth in Cambodia.

This program will help you to learn, ideate and validate your clean energy concept in developing your idea and bring your product to the agricultural market.
Why Incubation?
    • Support all stages of entrepreneurship journey, from ideation to validation your business
    • Provide clean energy & agriculture and fisheries expertise to support ideas to through business
    • Open to everyone who want to be entrepreneurs or want to support entrepreneurs
    • Conduct tailored & flexible business approach that best suits your entrepreneurial stages
    • Available technical and business coaching & mentoring throughout the program
    • Available Khmer & English trainings and coachings/mentoring
Clean Energy and AgriFishery Incubation Program
Click on the images to learn more about Hackathon and Pre-Incubation

If you have no idea or members but wanting to do something with clean energy to solve agriculture/fisheries issues.
Clean Energy & AgriFirshery Hackathon can help you for team curation and clean energy co-design solutions to deal with the agriculture/fisheries issues


If you have a business concept and/or team, but you are not sure if the concept is valid or not, Clean Energy & AgriFirshery Pre-incubation program can help you validate your concept, test your first prototype and help you get ready for Incubation program.


If you have a valid business concept and cool team members and all you are looking for is clean energy technical assistance, business support and some funding.
Clean Energy & AgriFirshery Incubation can help you to build your prototype, reach your first paying customers and find investment to scale up your startup.

Who can participate?
  • Are you an entrepreneur (or we like to call "Cleanpreneurs") with a business prototype and/or team?

  • Is your prototype and concept using clean energy technology to solve agriculture or fisheries in the Tonle Sap region?

  • Can you commit to participate in a one year incubation program?

If your answer is yes to any of the questions, you are more than ready to join the Incubation program.
Eligibility and Requirements
  • Lead entrepreneur must be Cambodian nationals

  • You must a solar technology prototypes and business concept for agriculture/fisheries sector

  • You can commit to join a one year program of Clean Energy and AgriFishery Incubation
Which programs do you want to participate?
Market linkage and networking
You will be connected to Sevea & People In Need who are working with us on clean energy and agriculture/fisheries ecosystem.
Financial support and investors
You will be accessed to seed grant and investor.
You will be provided business training, marketing & sector knowledge in clean energy, agriculture and fishery with experts for 12 months.
Your team will be followed-up regularly by dedicated mentor/coach.
Team support
Your team will be found and matched in the program if you have not got yet.
Co-designing your business
You will be assisted to codesign your business concept using pool of experts & using market knowledge.
Multi-year program
You will gain benefits from the ecosystem as the program is a multi-year operation. You can observe each event and can apply in later years when you are ready.
Opportunity to access support
You will have support even after program with technical assistance from advisory board and a pool of mentors.
General Timeline
Clean Energy and AgriFishery Incubation Applications open
Aug 20, 2020
Launching Event
September 4th, 2020
Challenges Workshop and Hackathon
September 26th - October 03 & 04th, 2020
*See Hackathon for details
October 17th, 2020
*See Pre-Incubation for details
Clean Energy and AgriFishery Incubation
  • Applications Close: 20 November 2019
  • Successful Applicants Announced: 10 December 2020
Meet our Mentors
  • Dr Sonnthida Sambath
    Deputy head of agricultural engineering division, CARDI
    Postharvest Physiologist of Horticulture
  • Ian Jones
    CEO, Agile Development Group
    disability, innovation and and social/impact entrepreneurship

  • Khim Bun
    Project Manager, Agile Development Group
    social enterprise, international development

  • Vansonita Men
    Senior consultant & Project Manager, Sevea
    business development, of SMEs, Energy, WASH, and agriculture sectors
Feel free to contact us. We really love to communicate with you.
Antoine Denizart (English Speaking)
Senior Program Manager
Phone: ‭+855 96 802 9810
E-mail: [email protected]

Bopha Sean (Khmer & English Speaking)
Program Coordinator
Phone: +855 10397245
Email: [email protected]
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California Clean Energy Fund (CalCEF)
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