Ideation and Founder Programs
EnergyLab Asia's Ideation and Founder Programs are designed to help entrepreneurs and come up with the ideas through each step of their development. Our programs also support human capacity to grow the clean energy industry.
Whether it be early stage ideation, business model development or finance and mentoring for later stage ventures,
EnergyLab can offer customised support.

From day one, finding the right idea, building the best team and matching them with the perfect market is no accident. EnergyLab early-stage specific programs both locally and internationally to help facilitate this process.
Our Hackathon is a dedicated weekend to help you and like minded people come up with a business concept using solar technologies to add value to the agri-fishery market in Cambodia.
Smart Energy Hackathon is the first hackathon at Kirirom Institute of Technology. The most pressing problems in clean energy will be shared, teams will be formed and ideas will begin to flow. The program is a dedicated weekend to put aside distractions and work in a team to hack solutions: motivated with prizes, deadlines and unlimited refreshments. We've got challenges help keep focus and expert mentors to help you stay on track.
This Hackathon is designed to help bring energy and agriculture enthusiastis with entrepreneurs to come up with clean energy and agriculture business ideas. This is also one opportunity as part of our Clean Energy and Agriculture Incubation Program for students, professionals, experts, changemakers, innovative do-ers and out-of-the-box thinkers to come together.