Clean Energy and Agriculture Hackathon
Hack business models and innovate technologies that
address energy challenges in rural agriculture Cambodia
Why a Hackathon?
Hack (creative problem solving) athon (marathon)

Hackathon's are a dedicated weekend to put aside distractions and work in a team to hack solutions: motivated with prizes, deadlines and unlimited refreshments. Challenges to help keep focus and expert mentors to stay on track.

This Hackathon is designed to help bring energy and agriculture enthusiastis with entrepreneurs to come up with clean energy and agriculture business ideas.

The Challenge
Develop a business concept that integrates clean energy to support agriculture customers in Cambodia

Pitch the product, market potential and financial viability to expert judges
Need some inspiration?
here are some challenges in the agriculture sector.
mentors will help you explore these
Cold Storage at collection location
Cold storage preserve the life of vegetables longer and is more efficient. But who is going to pay for it? The farmers? the traders? The wholesalers? Can you innovate a business model to work out how to add cold storage and value in the vegetable value chain?
Cold Storage at collection location
30-40% of leafy greens can be lost in transport due to lack of cold storage. Design a business model that can help traders collect vegetable and still keep its quality and freshness during transport. How do you add and share the value and costs?
Solar powered cold storage
Solar can help off grid communities and overnight fishing boats for cold storage. It can also support areas where the electricity grid is unreliable. Batteries are
expensive for backup overnight or over many rainy days – can you design a system that doesn't need batteries? What about ice storage? Or what about a solar – grid hybrid system?
Solar irrigation

Owners of large farms are investing in solar irrigation because it saves them
costs of diesel pumping. Smaller farmers aren't adopting solar irrigation because the upfront cost is more expensive, even though it has a short payback. Can you create a business model that can help farmers access the benefits of solar irrigation?
Vegetable cleaning management
Design a solar dryer or spinner/ cleaning management for traders to clean vegetable or fruit so that it can be stored longer whether at room temperature or cold storage.
RUA technologies

Bring your business smarts to the prototypes developed by RUA, like coolbot,
net/greenhouse, solar dryers, vegetable sterilizers. The technologies are good but need to be centered around customers and what they need and want to buy. Can you create a business model for these technologies?
What else?

How about solar powered fencing, pest control, ventilation, insect incubation, Digital Communication on solar use on agriculture ...SO MUCH MORE
Who should participate?
Entrepreneurs who are passionate about clean energy and agriculture, with or without a business idea. You want a weekend without distractions to explore your business idea with a team, supported with mentors and fueled with food and motivated with pitching and prizes. If you're on your own, we can help you find team members.
First Prize

with guaranteed entry to
Pre-Incubation Program, access to co-working space and mentors

Second Prize

with guaranteed entry to
Pre-Incubation Program, access to co-working space and mentors
Meet our Judges
Cécile Dahomé
Sevea CEO

Ivo Bessellink
UNDP Senior Energy Advisor
Afnan Hanan
Okra Solar CEO and Co-Founder
6th August
Applications open
26th August
Launching and Networking Event
6th September
Applications close
14th September
Hackathon Briefing

Briefing of agriculture/energy challenges you could solve, find your team members, explore the problem with the mentors and your team.

Your team MUST attend to
enter the Hackathon
21st - 22nd September
Hackathon Weekend

21st September
8am Hackathon Kicks off
21st September
4pm: Pitch concept to mentors for advice and feedback, and to keep you on track
22nd September
Hacking continues - opportunity for mentor support and pitch practice
22nd September
1pm Hacking ends
Submission deadline
22nd September
2-3.30pm Pitches!
22nd September
Winner announcement and Party!
Meet our Mentors
Ratha Chan
Country Director, Cambodia CPSA
Agriculture, Value Chain Market analysis and Business Development
Kep Ratana
PIN, Project Co-ordinator
agriculture, renewable energy marketing, sales, channels
Thida Kheav
Director, Solar Green Energy Cambodia
solar, water pumps, component manufacturing, sales
Antoine Denizart
Manager, SEVEA
solar and renewable energy business development
Buntong Borarin
Director of Research and Extension
Royal University of Agriculture
Noun Tum
Business Development and Partnership Manager
Agribusiness Development, Organic agriculture and Safe Food in Agriculture Development
Tickets and registration

Applications are now open.

To attend the Hackathon, you must attend the Hackathon briefing on August 14th at Factory Phnom Penh.

Stay tuned for registrations, rules, more challenges,
terms & conditions.

How to enter

1. Submit the application form

2. Check your email for further information and participation acceptance (by September 10th)

3. Attend the Hackathon briefing on September 14th

4. Find a team and start hacking!

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