Public and Private Support in Cambodia
Energy Efficiency refers to the practice of using less energy to perform the same tasks, achieve the same results, or produce the same level of output.

It is a fundamental concept in clean energy management and plays a crucial role in addressing energy challenges, environmental concerns, and economic efficiency.

Energy efficiency measures aim to reduce energy consumption while maintaining or improving the performance and comfort of various processes, devices, or systems.

In Cambodia, energy efficiency has been prioritized to support the kingdom's power supply growth, as captured in the Power Development Plan.
EnergyLab, in partnership with EuroCham Cambodia and SEVEA, running a multi-stakeholder event on Energy Efficiency and the NEEP (06/04/2023).
EnergyLab delivering a presentation during the Asia Clean Energy Forum 2023
(June 2023)
To this end, the National Energy Efficiency Policy (NEEP) has been adopted and is Cambodia's first dedicated policy on energy efficiency and establishes the enabling framework for future developments in the practice.

The NEEP sets an ambitious national target to reduce Cambodia's energy consumption of at least 19 percent by 2030, compared to a scenario without energy efficiency.

At EnergyLab we work to support the realization of this ambition through private sector engagement targeting effective identification and implementation of the necessary actions required to secure the outcome.