Women in Clean Energy
A Story of our Clean Energy Fellow
Chin Ol
Answers supplied by Chin Ol, Adapted by Chansochetra Lon
Born and raised in a remote area, I lived without having electricity or grid. It was so hard and not modern, so I started to dream the life having enough electricity. It would be more comfortable for my education and my family. I was so curious about the energy, but I did not know where or whom I can ask and how long my village could access it.

With the curiosity and desire in energy, I set my goal and was committed to studying Electrical Engineering at the Institute of Technology of Cambodia. During my life in university, I was fortunate to have an opportunity to be an intern in a clean energy company. While I was interning there, I found out that other people who live in a rural area having a hard time living without energy. Since grid accessibility is difficult to connect to the countryside, solar is an alternative for people living there like mine. After graduation, I was committed to contribute my effort and willingness to help renewable energy, as a part of the development in Cambodia. This is where I begin my journey in the clean energy industry.
My name is Chin Ol. I am working at Ecosun Cambodia as a Sale Engineer. To me, working is such a learning skill. I believe that I need to develop my professional skills and learn how to deal with problems. I sometimes have to challenge myself to work with people, and my job requires me to visit the site in many provinces around Cambodia. The schedule is also an obstacle, as I do not have a lot of available time. Still, I can manage to expand my network through EnergyLab's Women in Clean Energy Fellowship, which I was selected to be a fellow. It puts me beyond what I think I can do. "Do not stop yourself by having no time to do other things. Learn whatever you can" is a quote written in my heart and spirit, which I would like to share and inspire other people and women especially to keep the belief and overcome the hardships in their lives.

During the program, I had a chance to meet women in different skills in the clean energy industry. We shared the problems that we have faced and how to solve them in different circumstances. What I learned the most from the program was to build and keep my motivation high up and how to analyze the cause of issues happening during work. Those helped me a lot to build my professional capacity, improved my strength, and allowed me to deliver the right decision. Also, I could express and explained my clients and drew their attention to understand the main point even though it was technical. Working during the program, it allowed me to practice all theories from the courses.

Thus, I enthusiastically will use the knowledge I had obtained to expand my future professional skills and always be ready to share with others.
  • Chin Ol
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