Sustainable e-Mobility
in Cambodia
Why does it matter how you get around?
What is the problem?
Air Pollution
Cambodia is ranked in the bottom 10% for air quality by the Environmental Performance Index. Air pollution from combustion engines is only set to get worse as the number of vehicles per year grows at 14%.
Climate Change
Petrol cars and motorbikes burn fossil fuels releasing CO2 into the atmosphere contributing to climate change. Cambodia is predicted to be one of the countries worst affected globally by climate change.
Importing fossil fuels to Cambodia is expensive! It is also more expensive to run a vehicle on petrol or diesel than electric, and as they have far less moving parts, they are also cheaper to maintain.
But there are innovative solutions
Electric motos
Voltra is the first Cambodian made electric moto
It is two times cheaper than the average motorbike
Yann Vaudin, CEO of Voltra
Oyika's battery swap system allows electric motorbikes to swap batteries almost instantly
Thada offers two different electric motos, including the the speedy Monster
Electric bikes
Grood e bikes are a sustainable choice for getting you around town
Tinky is like a hybrid between a bicycle and motorbike, not only it is cheaper but it has an eye catching design too
Tinky won the SmartSpark Cohort 4, $3,000 USD prize and it's not hard to see why- cool, sustainable tech!
What's up next?
There is a growing clean transport start-up ecosystem....
Agile is a start-up committed to merging design, innovation and enterprise together alongside people with disabilities to create a more accessible world.
Levdeo is an electric vehicle company. Check out their shop on st 320!