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Clean Energy Advocate
We are seeking a Clean Energy Advocate who is motivated to help drive Cambodia towards a clean energy future.
If you are passionate about the clean energy transition and looking for a more active way to use your experience to drive long term change, consider the chance to join EnergyLab Cambodia.

Are you someone who wants to make a positive contribution to the world, someone who:

  • is passionate about the clean energy transition
  • is strategic, opportunistic and adaptable
  • enjoys building relationships, collaborating and actively seeking out those who can support clean energy
  • proactive, hard-working, positive, humble, flexible and adaptable
  • enjoys problem solving, thinking strategically to get the most impact and best outcomes in creative collaborative ways
  • .. if these characteristics sound like you - we'd love you to apply to lead our clean energy advocacy!
Here's the overview:
Overall role: We want you to advocate the opportunities clean energy can bring for Cambodia. We want you to bring your knowledge and expertise to persuade Cambodians, especially decision makers, that increasing the share of clean energy can support a reliable, more affordable and secure system for the country.

The Backstory: When we founded EnergyLab Cambodia in late 2017, solar was still thought of as niche, expensive and great for 'donor projects' but not a viable option to support grid power. The utility had just been convinced to start its first pilot 10MW solar farm, but felt solar share could never be more than a small fraction. It was believed there was no viable wind power resource. Since then, through significant assistance from a wide variety of partners, evidence shows there's over 50GW of solar and wind available, that a grid powered with higher shares of VRE will lower electricity costs, improve energy security, support jobs and investment. However, unexpected blackouts early 2019 led to signing of an overcapacity of coal power projects, and these coal commitments crowd out potential for choosing a cleaner energy mix, despite the financial pain from current global coal prices.

Objective of Role: Support Cambodia towards a clean energy transition without new coal power to meet security, reliability, profitability objectives.

Want to learn more? R
ead these opinion pieces in local or regional press or latest articles. Or watch this clean energy event at Cambodian Climate Change Summit 2021.

Start date: October 2022 - we can be flexible

Oh! and we're at Factory Phonm Penh the coolest co-working space in town!

You're role ...
  • Strategically support and collaborate with key stakeholders to support the clean energy transition in Cambodia, using your knowledge of global and regional market, policy, technical and business aspects as it relates to Cambodia. Aspects could include integration of VRE, rooftop solar, role of storage, gas, e-mobility, corporate RE commitments and more.
  • You're not expected to have all the answer to these complex questions, but to be able to facilitate conversations with key stakeholders, bring in experts as needed and nudge it all in the right direction.
  • Coordinate a range of activities with the above stakeholders that promote and engage meaningful dialogue on the opportunities and challenges of the clean energy transition in Cambodia.
  • Progress EnergyLab's living strategy for advocacy and ecosystem support in Cambodia and support early process in Lao PDR.
  • A professional with 5-10 years experience. Professions could be in engineering, law, business, journalism, communications, technology, education, advocacy.
  • 3-5 years experience working as part of the clean energy transition, such as in renewable energy, energy efficiency, distributed energy.
  • Experience in policy, advocacy and guiding big picture aspects of the energy transition a plus.
  • Demonstrated ability to collaborate with a variety of stakeholders towards strategic goals; ability to simplify complexity and communicate towards these strategic goals.
  • Strong communication skills, written and verbal.
  • An interest in living and working in a developing country and cross cultural environments.
    Application Details
    If you meet the personal and professional attributes and you are passionate about the clean energy transition - please click 'Apply' and fill out the short application form.

    Closing Date 30th August 2022 – or until we find the person we're looking for!

    EnergyLab Principles
    ● We are positive: We encourage positive progress and focusing on opportunities rather than criticising. Critical is ok, negative is not!
    ● We are open to new ideas. failing or not knowing how is ok.
    ● We are empowered to find creative ways to achieve our objective
    ● We are opportunistic – take/make chances when they arise which means we are flexible and 'can-do'
    ● We work with and support partners – build the ecosystem encourage collaboration
    ● We are lean – we are smart, effective and do a lot with a little.
    ● We try to reduce our impact on the environment by reducing, recycling or reusing where we can.