Clean Energy Pre-Incubation Program
Validate your clean energy business solution with
EnergyLab Pre-Incubation Program
Cambodia's first Pre-Incubation Program dedicated to Clean Energy
Do you have a clean energy business idea but not sure whether it will fly? Will it make money, will people buy it? Are you unsure if your team is the right fit? If you answered yes to any of these – then this Clean Energy Pre-Incubation program is designed to support you!
Want to learn more?

Come along on 30th March to find out more.
If you're unsure if you have a great idea, please come along and we can help you work it out.

Meet potential team members and get free coach if you have your team already.
Why a Pre-Incubation Program?
This Clean Energy Pre-incubation is designed to help entrepreneurs refine their clean energy business idea and prepare them to take their business to the next stage. This program will support the capacity of Cambodian entrepreneurs, particularly in their ability to combine ICT and business skills to establish innovative businesses that contribute to the sustainable development of Cambodia.

The program includes a weekend retreat, a series of workshops supported by mentoring and coaching. The whole process is designed to help you examine all aspects of your business, including customer research, market analysis, marketing, financial planning and team building. The mentoring/coaching sessions help keep you on track and focused.
Who should participate?
Entrepreneurs with a business idea that enables clean energy. It doesn't have to be a solar system - it could be an ICT solution that supports uptake or integration of clean energy; or efficient productive. Teams can be 2-5 people. If you're on you're own, we can help you find team members
Applications Opened
20th March 2019
Clean Energy Pre-Incubation Program Launching Event and Mini-Hackathon
At Factory Phnom Penh
30th March 2019
2 - 4:30 pm
Applications Closed
4th April 2019
Successful Candidates Annouced
12th April 2019
At Outpost Cambodia
27-28th April 2019
Workshops, Coaching and Mentoring
Monday evenings or Saturday afternoon (TBC)
1st May - 8th June 2019
Final Workshop and Pitching
8th June 2019
So …what is Clean Energy?
Energy used to be so boring … ..but with new low cost technologies, energy just got a whole lot more interesting ...and cleaner!
Workshop and Retreat Location
@ Factory Phnom Penh
1159 National Road No 2
Phnom Penh, Cambodia

@ Outpost Cambodia
Yellow Tower 191
Tonle Sap Street
Phnom Penh, Cambodia
The Organiser
California Clean Energy Fund (CalCEF)
Our Partners
Development Innovations
Development Innovations (DI) is a six-year USAID-funded project that helps civil society organizations, technology companies, social enterprises and young innovators to design and use information and communications technology (ICT) solutions and employ innovative processes to tackle Cambodia's development challenges.
Sevea is a Cambodia-based consulting company founded in 2011. The company offers strategic and operational advisory services as well as fundraising support to businesses, social enterprises, and organizations seeking to develop their venture or project in the WASH, clean energy & energy efficiency, climate change, and rural development sectors.
Agile Development Group
Agile Development Group specialize in blending social enterprise development and design thinking to deliver sustainable and scalable enterprising solutions. Founded in 2013, ADG have significant experience designing and running enterprise development programs. They bring a strong group of Khmer facilitators who are skilled at working at the capacity level in Cambodia to support strong enterprise understanding.
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