Celebrating Clean Energy: Opportunities for Cambodia
Written by Chansochetra Lon, Edited by Melissa Liu
Clean Energy Week founding sponsors are the Australian Embassy and UNDP Cambodia. It is co-funded by the EU-funded SWITCH-Asia Programme under #SWITCHtosolar project, Heinrich Böll Stiftung Cambodia, Oxfam and SNV.
During the COVID-19 pandemic, clean energy has so far shown its resilience in new builds and the production of energy. Its transition has been accelerated as it becomes cheaper globally and continues to positively impact livelihoods even after this unprecedented crisis. At this point, Cambodia's geography has so many potential benefits to obtain solar irradiation as well as potential for off and onshore wind. This can be harnessed to produce solar and wind power - to sustain life and futures. This opportunity continues to grow and here we, Cambodians, are marking this moment during Clean Energy Week 2020.
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EnergyLab is proud to organise the third annual Clean Energy Week to celebrate the positive progress of clean energy in Cambodia.
Cambodia is hungry for electricity - and now that solar and wind power are the cheapest source of electricity in Cambodia, we can see a cleaner energy future. So we design Clean Energy Week to raise the profile of how clean energy can support Cambodia - clean energy helps with investment, jobs, cheaper electricity supply, a more resilient system and help Cambodia become energy independent. But this future won't happen unless people engage and understand that opportunity.
Bridget McIntosh
Country Director
Clean Energy Week, held on 12th - 19th November, is the biggest festival on clean energy with more than 30 events taking place across Cambodia.

Due to the recent Ministry of Health announcements, some events during Clean Energy Week will be postponed, and many have moved online. All events that are going ahead will have limited numbers to ensure social distancing of 1.5m per person, as well as face masks and hand sanitizer.

Covering a range of topics and angles, the events are expected to draw participants from students to diplomats and government officials to professionals and technical experts. The events range from online workshops to site visits and policy dialogues. It also serves as a networking event for energy developers, energy experts, property developers, technology enthusiasts, futurists and everyone in-between.
It's amazing to see the year-on-year growth in the clean energy industry, especially when it's quantified through events like Clean Energy Week. More people want to know how they can be engaged and invested in a reliable, cheap and sustainable energy future for Cambodia. I'm so grateful to be part of EnergyLab and running Clean Energy Week to help people see how we can turn this into reality with what we have today.
Melissa Liu
Country Manager
This year, EnergyLab has also integrated the Clean Energy Awards with two categories: Clean Energy Advocate and Outstanding Company Awards. The two categories of the Clean Energy Awards recognise, motivate and bring further opportunities for those who have dedicated their efforts, and who are willing to become the next representatives of Cambodia.

Clean Energy Week demonstrates the strong ecosystem and potential for future achievements in Cambodia's energy industry. Our partners and supporters are growing and we are grateful to those who always contribute tremendously, including our founding sponsors the Australian Embassy and UNDP Cambodia, as well as our co-funders the EU Switch Asia Programme, Heinrich Boll Stiftung, Oxfam, and SNV. This year's partners and event hosts are the British Embassy, USAID, Factory Phnom Penh, Volunteer Nation, Cambodian Volunteers for Society, NGO Forum, Sirea, Kynex,Sevea, ATEC, VP Start, AIESEC, Khmer Green Charcoal, WWF, Ignite, Global Cambodia Scholars, Zico-Law Firm/SokSiphana&associates, Nerd Night Phnom Penh, NUM Social Innovation Lab, Impact Hub Phnom Penh, Chipmong Ecocycle, Euro Cham, PFAN, iDE, Okra, KlemBox, Village Energy and Lighting Energy Solutions.
Australian Ambassador Opening Address
This year Ambassador Pablo Kang opened Clean Energy Week virtually on November 11th.
Clean Energy Advocate Award
This year Clean Energy Advocate Award is to Mr Sophorn Chea from the Blue Circle.