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Energy Efficiency Coordination Meeting

Energy Efficiency Coordination Meeting

Making the shift to more sustainable and clean energy sources is more than just building wind and solar farms - it also requires us to think hard about getting more from less, which is what energy efficiency is all about. Cambodia has adopted a world-leading National Energy Efficiency Policy and now we all need to work together to maximise the benefits for Cambodia.

EnergyLab recently convened key partners for our Energy Efficiency Coordination Meeting. Dean, Policy Director of EnergyLab, led insightful discussions with organizations across Cambodia, including CAPRED, the Australian Embassy, the UK Embassy, Sevea, the World Bank, WWF, and MFAT. Partners shared their latest projects and plans, seeking ways to collaborate more effectively in four key topic areas:

  • Appliance Minimum Energy Performance Standards and labeling
  • Energy Service Companies
  • Industrial energy efficiency - opportunities to accelerate Designated Energy Users policy
  • Building code development

By driving these productive conversations, we're helping meet Cambodia's energy goals through targeted policy work and leveraging our collective expertise. We are excited to take the discussions and actively work with our partners to build a more sustainable energy future.

We would like to thank the Australian Embassy and Australian Aid for their support.


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