KIT Hackathon Cambodia
Hack solutions to clean energy challenges with a chance to win prizes and founding customers for your idea!

Date: 7th & 8th September 2019

Clean Energy Hackathon
Bringing together ITC, business, engineering and energy talent to support innovation and catalyse startups in clean energy.

Get ready to bring your skills and smarts to hack solutions towards a clean smarter energy future. Smart Energy is about integrating technology into our energy system to support clean, efficient, optimal consumption, distribution and production of energy.

Bringing together talent from inside and outside the energy industry can create powerful opportunities to develop unique and disruptive solutions.

Hack away!
Why a hackathon?
Hack (creative problem solving) athon (marathon)

It's a dedicated weekend to put aside distractions and work in a team to hack solutions: motivated with prizes, deadlines and unlimited refreshments. We've got challenges help keep focus and expert mentors to help you stay on track.

Hackathons are an efficient, low risk, low cost way to encourage innovation, catalyse startups and engage talent in the clean energy sector.
Who should attend?
Coders, UX/UI designers, energy experts, engineers, entrepreneurs, product developers, creatives, statisticians, data-lovers, finance gurus interested in creating smart energy solutions.

Successful teams need more a mix of software, energy experts, data analysis experts, product developers and designers and finance or project management wranglers.

You can apply as a team or as an individual. We recommend teams of 3-5 with each member bringing different skills to the table. If you don't have a team, we will help you connect and create a team at the Design Workshop.

To participate, please submit an application form. You MUST attend the Challenge Workshop.

Example Challenges from Previous Hackathons
Support farmers monitor their savings


For smallholder chicken farmers, 1/3rd of chicks don't survive the first 3 weeks of life – even in Cambodia chicks need heating. SGFE are working with farmers to show them how using eco-char briquettes is better business and cheaper than using lightbulbs for heating.

SGFE are trialing this with many farmers far from Phnom Penh - Can your team find a way to collect data to help communicate savings and keep farmers motivated to continue this eco-friendly process. Are you enough into chicks for this?
Engaging Consumers in Energy Efficiency


"We were exploring with with sensors and data at our data centre - we changed the setting on air con units from 16 to 23'C By monitoring the data, we discovered we halved energy consumption, because the units were operating more efficiently".

There are countless opportunities in Cambodia to save energy, and not all of them are technical solutions - customers need to participate.

Come up with solution that uses sensors, controls and puts the consumer at the centre of opportunities to save energy. Could gamification help?

Efficient Incubator for Solar Smartgrid

Okra Solar

In Cambodia, crickets are a lucrative farming activity (crickets sell for $4/kg). They are usually caught via a fluro lightbulb, usually run on expensive diesel generators in offgrid areas.

Can you establish a viable business opportunity through an 'intelligent, energy efficient cricket incubator' that can be energised with the smart controls available to Okra smart grids. Your goal is to optimise yields while minimising the energy consumed, enabling Cambodian off-grid villages to compete with commercial cricket incubating across the border in Thailand.

Challenge Prize Sponsors
Meet our Judges
KAS Representative
KAS Representative
Business Representative
Entrepreneurship Education, Social Entrepreneurship and Leadership
Business Representative
Renewable energy marketing, sales, channels
1st August
Hackathon announced and challenges published
24th August
Applications close
31st August
Challenge Workshop
Find a team member, understand the problem, and explore the problem with the challenge mentors and your team.
Your team MUST attend to
enter the Hackathon
7th-8th September
Hackathon Weekend
7th September
8am Hackathon Kicks off
7th September
4pm: Pitch concept to mentors for advice and feedback, and to keep you on track
8th September
Hacking continues - opportunity for mentor support and pitch practice
8th September
1pm Hacking ends
Submission deadline
8th September
2-3.30pm Pitches!
8th September
Winner announcement and Awards Ceremony
8th September
1-7th November
Pitch for Grand Prize - 3 finalists pitch at Clean Energy Week
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Meet our Hackathon Mentors
Nithya Melon
Firmware Engineer Okra Solar
Firmware, software, product design and development strategy
Jeppe Mariager-Lam
Technology for Development, PIN
Web development, product development, mobile aps

Rogier van Mansvelt
Comin Khmere
Renewable energy, utility scale, industrial and commercial solar systems
Luke Walley
Energy Lead, SEVEA
Solar and Business Development, Energy Analysis
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Free to participate.

To attend the Hackathon, you must attend the Challenge Workshop.

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1. Submit the application form

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