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Clean Energy Internship Program - Work Readiness Training
Clean Energy Internship is a program for university and vocational students to gain experience working at clean energy companies in Cambodia.

The program will strengthen the students' professional and technical skills so that they are
ready and qualified for their job. This Work Readiness Training will be four days of soft skills, followed by two days of technical training.

15th - 20th July, 2019
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Roundtable Discussion on Vegetable Supply Chain and Vegetable Cold Chain
The objective of this roundtable discussion, organised by EnergyLab, in collaboration with The Cambodia Partnership for Sustainable Agriculture (CPSA), is to discuss about the challenges and solution of supplying and storing process of vegetable cold chain.

5th August, 2019
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Clean Energy Week
Raising awareness of clean energy opportunities and activities in Cambodia. A range of activities and events for everyone from students, public, technical experts and investors!

1th-7th November 2019

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Previous EnergyLab events
Women in Clean Energy Fellowship Launch
EnergyLab is hosting a networking afternoon tea for women working in the clean energy sector. It is a great opportunity for women who are already working in, or aspire to work in clean energy to meet each other and grow a community of like-minded individuals. The event marks the launch of our Women in Clean Energy Fellowship, which is a 6 month program which provides participants with access to training, mentors, and a supportive network.

29th June, 2019
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Roundtable Discussion on Electric Mobility and the Future of Sustainable Transport
The objective of this roundtable discussion, organised by EnergyLab, German Business Group Cambodia and BMZ, is to present the German experiences of e-mobility. Dominik Borowski, who currently works as a development advisor at the German Associaton of the Automotive Industry (VDA), will inform the group about the latest German and international developments in electric mobility. The climate, industrial and labour impacts of this new industry will also be highlighted.

19th June, 2019
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Clean Energy Pre-Incubation Program Workshops (1, 2, 3, 4 and final workshop)
Our selected startup teams will participate and learn from each workshop, which has specific aspects to analyse and test in real world. The workshop includes coaching the participants' work and mentoring every week. Until the final workshop, all teams will pitch their idea.

1st May - 8th June 2019
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The Future of Energy: Cambodia 2040
Energy in Cambodia has come such a long way in the past 20 years, but what will it look like 20 years in the future? Enrich Institute's Heng Pheakdey will lead a discussion considering the probable and desirable state of energy in Cambodia in 2040, and ways that we can move towards the desired future.
28th May 2019
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Pre-Incubation Program Retreat
To kick off our Clean Energy Pre-Incubation Program, our selected startup teams will participate in a retreat at Outpost Cambodia. Here all aspects of the teams' business concepts will be explored and tested, in preparation for the rest of the 6 week program.

27-28th April 2019

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Dialogue on Cambodia's Energy Future
At this highly successful dialogue, energy experts from the private sector, civil society organisations, the Cambodian Government and development partners discussed how Cambodia's energy mix could be improved. There was a lot of interest in solar projects, which can be built quickly and make great use of Cambodia's hot and sunny climate.
4th April 2019
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Clean Energy Pre-Incubation Program Information Session
At this amazing event, future clean energy entrepreneurs connected with potential team members and tested their start-up ideas with industry mentors. It was held at Factory Phnom Penh, and was the launch of Cambodia's first Pre-Incubation Program dedicated to clean energy.
30th March 2019
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Solar Fun at STEM Festival
EnergyLab will be having fun with students at this year's STEM Festival so they can interact with solar in our solar game, as well as learn about clean energy!
21-23rd February 2019
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Clean Energy Meet and Greet : Sharing Plans for 2019
As 2019 runs out ahead of us, this gathering is a chance to meet and connect with policy makers, businesses, development partners and organisations all working hard to support clean energy in Cambodia.

30th January 2019 at UNDP
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Solar for Industry in Cambodia - Engaging with the Regulator
If you are considering solar for your factory or manufacturing plant - come to hear the regulatory authority (EAC), solar developers and investors explain what's possible for rooftop projects in Cambodia.

14th December 2018 at EAC Office
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Clean Energy Week
Raising awareness of clean energy opportunities and activities in Cambodia. A range of activities and events for everyone from students, public, technical experts and investors!

Working with Globe Media Asia and many thanks to British Embassy, Australian Embassy, UNDP, Total Solar, Oxfam and The Idea who are supporting us.

1th-8th November 2018
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Global New Energy Outlook 2018
Join Bloomberg New Energy Finance Senior Analyst Colleen Regan as she shares the global status and predictions for new energy globally. This is a rare opportunity to hear the facts about this growing global industry.

Save the date - Thursday 30th August 2018
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Engaging business and entrepreneurial students in clean energy market opportunities
EnergyLab will share with National University of Management entrepeneur and business students about the exciting opportunities in the clean energy market

Thursday 2nd August 2018 10:15am
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How Science and Technology is Impacting Innovation on Business Processes
EnergyLab will be speaking at this AAA-C Event in Phnom Penh

25th May 2018
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Solar Energy in Cambodia
What is happening in solar energy in Cambodia and what are the opportunities in tech and for entrepeneurs?

Wednesday 30th May 2018 5.30pm
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Electric Vehicles in Cambodia?
Come and meet others interested in exploring the opportunities and challenges to bring Electric Vehicles at scale in Cambodia.

Thursday 26th April 2018 5.30-7.30pm
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Science and Engineering Festival
Come along to the 2018 STEM Festival and participate in our interactive game to engage students about clean energy in Cambodia.

Thursday 1st March, Friday 2nd March, Saturday 3rd March 8am-4.30pm 2018
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INNOVATION & ENERGY: Using technology to address development outcomes in Cambodia
Leveraging technology from around the world to create local outcomes in Cambodia.

5:00pm, Tuesday 13 February 2018
Clean Energy Networking Drinks
Come have a drink (on us!) with an opportunity to meet others in the clean energy space.

5:30pm, Thursday 10 September 2017
More events coming soon!
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