Sustainable e-Mobility
in Cambodia
Why does it matter how you get around?
Why e-Mobility in Cambodia?
  • Air Pollution
    Cambodia is ranked in the bottom 10% for air quality by the Environmental Performance Index. Air pollution from combustion engines is only set to get worse as the number of vehicles per year grows at 14%.
  • Climate Change
    Petrol cars and motorbikes burn fossil fuels releasing CO2 into the atmosphere contributing to climate change. Cambodia is predicted to be one of the countries worst affected globally by climate change.
  • Cost
    Importing fossil fuels to Cambodia is expensive! It is also more expensive to run a vehicle on petrol or diesel than electric, and as they have far less moving parts, they are also cheaper to maintain.
Sustainable e-Mobility
EnergyLab is working to build the electric mobility ecosystem in Cambodia, and support the shift towards electric vehicles.

In partnership with Oyika and supported by the Cambodian Climate Change Alliance, we are creating events, content and engaging people across the country to learn more about why electric vehicles are the future of mobility.
      Go2 Ride-sharing service
      Go2 is a ride-sharing service, allow people to rent electric motorbike as low as 4.5 cents per minute through their app. The service aims to provide available transportation at the stations in the lowest price across Phnom Penh.

      EnergyLab has partnered with Oyika to support the scale up of their ride-share fleet in 2021. You can go for a ride on the bright yellow electric motorbikes all around Phnom Penh.
      Sustainable e-Mobility Campaign was conducted as the pop-up events and online campaign to raise awareness of electric mobility in February 2021.
      Learn About e-Mobility
      Internship Positions
      Internship positions in the sustainable mobility sector are provided through Clean Energy Internship. TADA and Oyika are electric vehicle companies in Cambodia, providing electric counterparts to the well known tuk-tuks and motorbikes that currently dominate Cambodia's streets.

      TADA has launched their electric tuk-tuks, known as the ONiON in 2021.

      Oyika assembles their electric motorbikes and ride-sharing Go2 fleet in Phnom Penh. These are just a couple of the companies in the electric vehicle market in Cambodia.

      Applications for 2021 Internships are now closed.
      Focus Group Discussion
      Focus group discussions were conducted to understand motorbike riding behavior for young professionals, and to build on the understanding from previous studies by the Global Green Growth Institute and the National Council for Sustainable Development.
      Public Events
      Panel discussions and lectures around policy and regulation, technology, trends and the future of electric vehicles will be held in Phnom Penh and online for everyone to learn more about the sector in Cambodia.
      Community Workshop
      Two community workshops are planned to support the understanding of electric vehicles and their benefits within low-income communities.
      Electric Vehicle Brand
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      EnergyLab has partnered with Oyika and is supported by the Cambodian Climate Change Alliance to grow sustainable e-mobility in Cambodia
      California Clean Energy Fund (CalCEF)