Lead us to create impact
Country Director
We are seeking a Country Director who is motivated to lead an organisation and Cambodia towards a clean energy future. EnergyLab has established an excellent reputation and wonderful team since it started in January 2018.

If you are passionate about the clean energy transition and looking for a more active way to use your experience to drive long term change, consider the chance to lead EnergyLab.

Are you someone who wants to make a positive contribution to the world, someone who:

  • has strong experience within the clean energy transition
  • is strategic, opportunistic and adaptable
  • creative, bold and not afraid to do things differently
  • loves collaborating and empowering people and organisations to achieve their objectives
  • enjoys building relationships, networking and actively seeking out those who can support your objectives
  • happy working towards big picture change, but enjoys the small details along the way
  • someone who is passionate, hard working and curious.
  • not afraid to ask advice, seek opinions and be flexible
  • ... if these characteristics sound like you - we'd love you to apply to lead our team!
Here's the short summary:
Overall role: We want you to represent the face of EnergyLab and clean energy opportunities. Oversee EnergyLab strategic direction, impact, programming, resources, staff, financial management and compliance. And ensure the organisation continues to be financially viable and always adding value.

The Team: The Country Manager manages the Cambodia office, ensuring personnel, budgets, programs run smoothly and achieve their objectives. She also supports funding. She leads our small team of incredibly motivated, smart and hard working people.

The outgoing Australia-based Country Director will act as Founder and Chair of EnergyLab Cambodia until December 2021. She will work part time to support you, particularly in handing over external networks and supporting funding.

Report: You will report to the EnergyLab Cambodia Board

Start date: 2021, we can be flexible

Oh! and we're at Factory Phonm Penh the coolest co-working space in town!

You're role ...
  • Represent the face of EnergyLab as an innovative, proactive and highly effective organisation promoting the opportunities clean energy brings for Cambodia.
  • Continually forge new relationships and maintain existing relationships with diplomats, development partners, private sector, industry, government policy makers, think tanks, education institutes, NGOs, professionals, and startup community.
  • Support the Country Manager to oversee programs, staffing, finance, reporting and compliance
  • Motivate the team & stakeholders through visionary leadership, and embodiment of our team values
  • Collaborate with team and oversee development of strategic direction and future programming
  • Develop new programs and concepts in response to evolving market conditions and partner agencies.
  • Be ready to hustle to ensure the ongoing financial viability of the organisation
  • An experienced professional working for more than 10 years with a Bachelor and/or Master degree (or equivalent) from internationally recognised university. You could be an engineer, lawyer, scientist or a business, entrepreneur, communicator, technology, or education professional
  • 3 or more years experience working as part of the clean energy transition, such as in renewable energy, energy efficiency, distributed energy
  • Experience in leading teams, programs or projects
  • Experience in establishing and working with or supporting a start-up is a plus
  • Excellent English language communication skills, written and verbal.
  • An interest in living and working in a developing country
Application Details
If you have the personal, professional and passion to apply for this position, please click 'Apply' and fill out the application form.

Closing Date 14th February 2021 – or until we find the person we're looking for!

EnergyLab Principles
● We are positive: We encourage positive progress and focusing on opportunities rather than criticising. Critical is ok, negative is not!
● We are open to new ideas. failing or not knowing how is ok.
● We are empowered to find creative ways to achieve our objective
● We are opportunistic – take/make chances when they arise which means we are flexible and 'can-do'
● We work with and support partners – build the ecosystem encourage collaboration
● We are lean – we are smart, effective and do a lot with a little.
● We try to reduce our impact on the environment by reducing, recycling or reusing where we can.